Aftercoolers / Intercoolers

TASOCS sets the industry benchmark in the field of Aftercoolers & Intercooler maintenance and repair solutions.

TASOCS provide a complete and full service for the manufacture of Air or Water cooled Aftercoolers, ensuring efficient cooling with less moisture downstream.

TASOCS is extensively involved with the service, repair and manufacture of after cooler/intercoolers for trucking, industrial and marine applications.

We have a long and proud history with major OEM companies such as Komatsu & Caterpillar, MTU Detroit, Hitachi to provide the professional expertise that they have come to expect and trust from TASOCS.

Air to water coolers thermal expansion/contraction issues combined with vibration of tubes can cause chronic failure of coolers which over time can lead to catastrophic engine failures.

Replacement aluminum cooler cores (air to air) for trucks and earthmoving equipment can be changed out in a matter of days.

TASOCS provides expert assessment of condition and life expectancy on all serviced units along with recommendations and solutions.

Company News

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    Safety Accreditation

    TASOCS congratulates Management and Workshop staff on the successful completion for the Safety Management Systems certification to the standard of AS/NZS 4801:2001.
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