Saltmaster Range

TASOCS Saltmaster has been developed to offer alternative coolers for Jumbo and other underground mining equipment where harsh/saline water conditions exist or the Saltmaster HP model for excessive water pressure spikes.

TASOCS Saltmaster High Pressure (HP) models have two (2) “O” rings coupled with a tell tale ring at each end that does not allow cross contamination. Should a water spike occur, water is safely re-directed to atmosphere via the tell tale ring protecting critical hydraulic components, likewise the water circuit is protected in the event of an oil pressure spike.

The TASOCS Saltmaster range is your solution to OEM premature product failures.

TASOCS Saltmaster OEM

Robust all bronze shell for harsh water conditions that will not corrode.

Aluminium shell that typically corrodes at the “o” ring landing area and beyond.

CuNi tubes of varying grades are used dependent on application and/or location

Standard 90/10 CuNi tubes

Construction; tube to tubesheets joints are sealed using the TASOCS tube expansion method.  This method provides longevity and reliability as third party weaker material is not being relied upon to seal the joints.

Soft soldered tube to tubesheets joints typically corrode until leakage occurs. Soft solder has a weak resistance to salinity and abrasive water conditions. 

Should damage be sustained, single or multiple tubes can be replaced as necessary or extracted and inspected for monitoring purposes.

 Only option is to replace or recore

With bronze and brass components the TASOCS Saltmaster will withstand many years of harsh water conditions and complete submersion for chemical cleaning.

Soft solder deteriorates not only in operating conditions but also during chemical cleaning processes.

The TASOCS Saltmaster cooler is manufactured right here in Australia.  You can talk to TASOCS about any special requirements or heat exchanger problems you might have.

Or you can talk to the agent here in Australia about their imported products

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    Safety Accreditation

    TASOCS congratulates Management and Workshop staff on the successful completion for the Safety Management Systems certification to the standard of AS/NZS 4801:2001.
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