Air Blast

TASOCS is one of Australia’s leading service providers for the manufacture and service of Air-blast heat exchangers, our superior expertise and quality performance has been gained over many years of solving problems and providing cost effective solutions to the industry.

From aluminum bar and plate types to exotic alloy tube and fin types, TASOCS caters for diverse range of air cooled applicators such as

  • Alternator Cooling
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Earthmoving
  • Electric Motor Cooling
  • Gas Cooling
  • Machinery Space Cooling
  • Marine Oil & Air-Cooling
  • Plant Oil Cooling
  • Process Cooling
  • Steam

TASOCS have comprehensive cleaning, pump and scanning, decontamination and repair facilities evolving over 20 years that are continually refined and upgraded to bring fast and efficient turnarounds.

TASOCS have a large industrial oven used for the preparation process for repairs/welding that are carried out and to efficiently dry out internals of your cooler so it can be safely shelf stored for lengthy periods. In addition all serviced or repaired oil coolers are pre-lubricated internally for added protection.

Other specialised equipment includes endoscopes for internal examination of coolers with lens sizes down to 2mm for fine cores.

Company News

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    Safety Accreditation

    TASOCS congratulates Management and Workshop staff on the successful completion for the Safety Management Systems certification to the standard of AS/NZS 4801:2001.
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